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Beyond the Bright Lights: Book 1 in the Off Script Series

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It's been nearly two decades since I lost the love of my life and I'm still struggling to move on. My grief plays on a perpetual cycle, and every time I think I’m ready to move forward—bam—something new throws me back into the depths of it.

The latest hit comes in the form of a movie being made about the inspiring life my fiancé lived.

Things go from bad to worse when the actor cast to play him waltzes into my bar, begging me to help him with the role.

“Help me become Tyler Taylor.”

Mylan Andrews is younger than me and absolutely infuriating, but his desperate plea echoes in my head. I have to help him—for Tyler.

Fresh out of my third stint in rehab, I land a movie deal that just may save my career. Everything’s finally looking up.

Then I meet her.

Lana Young is older, wiser, and a knockout. Oh, and she’s also the key to helping me with this role. Except, the more time we spend together, the more my desire for her grows.

Could she be the one to help me win back control of my life, or is she merely another temptation placed in my path?

*Available on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited & Online At Barnes & Noble*

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Beyond the Fame: Book 2 in the Off Script Series


My life has been a whirlwind of heartbreak, beginning with the death of my brother when I was 18-years-old. He was my best friend. I worked through my grief by writing a book about his life and that book was turned into a movie.

That's when I met him. Jensen Boliver, the movie's director.

He's younger than me, controlling, and infuriating.

For four years, I've denied my attraction to him because every time he shows an ounce of compassion, he takes it away and I refuse to beg for mere crumbs of kindness, no matter how attracted to him I am.

Now we're in Hawaii for our friends' wedding. The hotel has lost my reservation...and Jensen shows up with a solution.

"You can stay in my suite."


I grew up fat in fatphobic Hollywood. All my life I was told to hate myself and my body.

Then I met her.

Rebecca Taylor. She's beautiful, intense, and makes me feel things I've convinced myself I didn't deserve. So, for four years, I let her believe I hated her.

I don't. I never did. How could I when she’s everything I’ve ever wanted?

Despite my hesitation, our attraction to each other has grown, and last year, we both caved. She let me have a taste, but the timing still wasn’t right.

Now we're in Hawaii and sharing my suite, there’s no way this trip ends without her being mine.

Signed copies available in my shop!

Content Warning: This book has adult themes and deals with difficult topics including fatphobia, bullying, terminal illness (cancer), loss of a sibling, loss of partner, loss of a parent (off page/mentioned), grief, attempted suicide (off page) & suicidal thoughts, addiction & alcoholism, depression, parental abuse (mental), grief, graphic sex.

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When my sister died, I put my life on hold to raise her newborn daughter as my own. Now, five years later, I’m ready to get that life back.

But I need help. I need a nanny.

The moment I met Savannah, I knew she was perfect for the job. Not only is she beautiful and funny, but she instantly connected with my daughter in a way no one else has. So, I asked her to interview for the job and she agreed.

There’s just one problem... she didn’t recognize me. She doesn’t know I’m a celebrity and I didn’t tell her.


I never expected to be on a plane, leaving my life behind after my scum of an ex cheated on me. I need a fresh start and, for some reason, New York City is calling me.

Then I met a hot single dad and his adorable daughter on my flight.

We talked the entire trip and I couldn't stop laughing and smiling. So, once we land, he hands me his card and asks if I want to interview to be his daughter's nanny. I jumped on the opportunity.

But after searching his name online, I find out he's a famous actor. He didn't tell me and I'm not looking to be in the spotlight.

So, I ghost him, thinking I'll never see him again.

Except... two weeks later I run into him at my job.

Beyond the Spotlight is a standalone in The Off Script series. However, it is not necessary to read the first two books to read this one.

This book deals with difficult topics such as grief (sibling & parental death - off page), a brief mention of addiction, a mention of adoption due to not being able to have kids (supporting character), aggravated assault (not main character), attempted kidnapping (not by main character). This book also has graphic sex, including breath play, spanking, bondage, toys, and edging. If you have a specific trigger, please contact the author through her website.

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Trinity Found


Book 1 in the Lost Daughter of Angor Series

Trinity Parks wakes after a mugging gone bad to find her entire world has changed. No longer is she an ordinary teenager, but a young woman with power and a destiny to fulfill.

Not exactly how she was expecting to celebrate her eighteenth birthday.

In the blink of an eye, Trinity finds herself in front of the elite Royal Guard of the mystical Kingdom of Angor. One of them is Julian – tall, blond, cheekbones chiseled enough to cut glass. Julian informs her that she is Angor’s lost princess and heir to the throne. The royal blood that runs through her veins gives her immense powers. It also means rebels opposing her father’s rule will stop at nothing until she is dead.

Trinity is swept into the world of Angor – a land of idyllic green fields, fantastical magic, and blood-chilling danger. As she discovers the life she lost, she must learn to survive at all costs. And as if that wasn’t enough, Trinity’s attraction to Julian becomes harder to resist every day. In their life of danger, there is no room for romance.

But as the risk – and the heat between them – grows ever stronger, Trinity knows there is no going back.

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Trinity Returns

Book 2 in The Lost Daughter of Angor series

A lot can happen in 3 years – like the end of the world.

My name is Trinity Parks. On my 18th birthday, my powers emerged. They’re called virtues and I have many. I discovered I come from Angor: a mystical land where my father is King. I am next in line to rule, but my uncle Hyde and his rebels will do whatever it takes to steal the throne. Of course, that’s after he’s done ravaging Earth.

It’s now been 3 years since Hyde took my soulmate hostage, escaped to Earth then destroyed the portal so we couldn’t follow. While Angorian scientists searched for another portal, I’ve been training with the Royal Guard to strengthen my virtues.

The time to return to Earth is now. What will we find? Will my soulmate be alive? Will he still hate me?

One thing I do know: Hyde’s reign is coming to an end. He’s as good as dead. And I vow to be the one who deals the fatal blow.

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Books: Latest Work
Trinity Rises final.jpg

Trinity Rises

Book 3 in The Lost Daughter of Angor trilogy

Order Here

Hyde is dead. The King is dead. Trinity is now Queen of Angor.

It's a destiny thrown upon her too soon and one she's not even sure she wants. After killing her uncle, Hyde, and capturing his rebels, Trinity must repair relations between Humans and Angorians. She must find a way to ease their fears and assure them that Angorians will not cause them harm.

Trinity must prove herself a leader to the beings of Angor, and protect them from the remaining rebels who are determined to carry on Hyde's legacy.

But there's a darkness stirring within her, calling to her in her dreams and whispering in her thoughts. Trinity must fight for her future, her crown, and her people.

Trinity must rise.

Trinity Rises is the final book in the Lost Daughter of Angor trilogy. It includes diverse and LGBTQ characters, plenty of action, and romance. There's foul language, sex, and badassery!

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