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SIGNED Beyond the Fame (New Cover)

SIGNED Beyond the Fame (New Cover)


My life has been a whirlwind of heartbreak, beginning with the death of my brother when I was 18-years-old. He was my best friend. I worked through my grief by writing a book about his life and that book was turned into a movie.

That's when I met him. Jensen Boliver, the movie's director.

He's younger than me, controlling, and infuriating.

For four years, I've denied my attraction to him because every time he shows an ounce of compassion,he takes it away and I refuse to beg for mere crumbs of kindness, no matter how attracted to him I am.

Now we're in Hawaii for our friends' wedding. The hotel has lost my reservation...and Jensen shows up with a solution.

"You can stay in my suite."



I grew up fat in fatphobic Hollywood. All my life I was told to hate myself and my body.

Then I met her.

Rebecca Taylor. She's beautiful, intense, and makes me feel things I've convinced myself I didn't deserve. So, for four years, I let her believe I hated her.

I don't. I never did. How could I when she’s everything I’ve ever wanted?

Despite my hesitation, our attraction to each other has grown, and last year, we both caved. She let me have a taste, but the timing still wasn’t right.

Now we're in Hawaii and sharing my suite, there’s no way this trip ends without her being mine.

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