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SIGNED Beyond the Bright Lights (new cover)

SIGNED Beyond the Bright Lights (new cover)

It's been nearly two decades since I lost the love of my life and I'm still struggling to move on. My grief plays on a perpetual cycle, and every time I think I’m ready to move forward—bam—something new throws me back into the depths of it.

The latest hit comes in the form of a movie being made about the inspiring life my fiancé lived.

Things go from bad to worse when the actor cast to play him waltzes into my bar, begging me to help him with the role.

“Help me become Tyler Taylor.”

Mylan Andrews is younger than me and absolutely infuriating, but his desperate plea echoes in my head. I have to help him—for Tyler.

Fresh out of my third stint in rehab, I land a movie deal that just may save my career. Everything’s finally looking up.

Then I meet her.

Lana Young is older, wiser, and a knockout. Oh, and she’s also the key to helping me with this role. Except, the more time we spend together, the more my desire for her grows.

Could she be the one to help me win back control of my life, or is she merely another temptation placed in my path?

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